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Create a Plan for a COVID-19 Age Friendly North East

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

This document aims to help guide older people in being COVID-Safe and living with COVID-19 in the community.  It was developed as part of Age Friendly North East Victoria.

Building An Age Friendly Indigo Health System Report

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

One question being asked by senior health policymakers as we slowly emerge from the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic is, ‘How might we reintroduce care differently, instead of just returning to business as usual?’ It is time to think afresh about how we care for our largest group of patients: older people. The Indigo Consortium focuses on two areas: to provide collective governance for health and wellbeing initiatives within the Indigo Shire, and to identify and support enterprises which contribute to an ‘Age Friendly Indigo’. Through a confluence of ideas, people and funding, the Indigo Consortium, in collaboration with its partner agencies, has developed an approach to make health and social care age-friendly. This report documents that journey.

An Age Friendly Approach to Disaster Recovery

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

This document was created to highlight that during disaster and recovery periods, local older residents have proven a highly valuable resource. Indeed, their contribution can be critical to the survival of rural communities. Seniors typically form the backbone of local community organisations, co-ordinating and providing essential volunteer services across the breadth of community needs fire services, emergency responders, Red Cross, community transport, providing meals, and generally caring for others.

Making Sense of Engagement and Participation

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

This diagram, adapted from the International Association of Public Participation IAP2 Spectrum,  illustrates how the participation purpose determines the methods used to increase impact on a decision.

Appreciative Inquiry

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

This adapted diagram shows how Appreciative Inquiry can be used to build relationships for change.