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EMR Health Literacy Survey

2015 – 2022 | Outer East | North East Metro

The Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) Health Literacy Survey was developed by the Outer East and Inner East Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) in response to strong interest from partner organisations for health literacy support. The Survey was designed with two objectives: 1) The PCPs wanted to understand how members are currently working with health literacy; where PCP members see a need for support; and the ways in which members would like the PCPs to support them. 2) To draw attention to health literacy and the importance of this work in both service delivery and health promotion in the EMR.

INFANT resource

2015 – 2022 | Outer East | North East Metro

Infant Feeding, Active play and Nutrition (INFANT) was developed by researchers within the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Deakin University. INFANT provides parents and carers with children between 3-18 months old with information about healthy eating and active play from the start of life. The OEPCP prepared a summary of some of the experiences of local health organisations implementing the INFANT program, and outlines benefits and considerations for implementation.

Together for Equality & Respect (TFER) Partnership

2015 – 2022 | Outer East | North East Metro

The Together for Equality & Respect (TFER) Partnership is led by Women’s Health East and is one of the most significant cross-sectorial partnerships in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. The Outer East and Inner East Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) have played a key role in supporting the development of the TFER model, contributing to the robust understanding of the evidence base, and providing leadership within the evaluation of the TFER Partnership. The PCPs have been instrumental in contributing to significant pieces of work including the Gender Equity Audit Tool, Framing Gender Equality Messaging Guide and the Gender Equality Tipsheets.

Healthy Eating Active Living in Yarra Ranges

2015 – 2022 | Outer East | North East Metro

With the support of the OEPCP, the HAL Group (Healthy Eating Active Living) in the Yarra Ranges was established in 2018 with members collaborating on local food and physical activity projects. In 2020 the HAL Group transitioned to a more strategic integrated structure called the Health Planning Partnership (HPP) overseeing three priority working groups: Yarra Ranges Food Connections Group, Outer East Physical Activity Working Group and Yarra Ranges Gender Equity Working Group. The new structure and plan formalised the collaborative commitment and shared health and wellbeing direction and priorities for all partnering organisations.

The Well

2015 – 2022 | Outer East | North East Metro

The Well is a flagship project for the Outer East and Inner East Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs). The Well provides evidence-based information, resources and local knowledge about a range of different health and wellbeing topics relevant to the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. Partner agencies have worked alongside the two PCPs to build a database of preventative health and wellbeing initiatives. The Well highlights the importance of working in partnerships, provides a shared way of thinking, and enables local practitioners to see their work as part of a collective impact in responding to local health and social issues.