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The Transition of Victoria’s 28 Primary Care Partnerships

The Victorian Primary Care Partnership program has been reviewed and a new direction announced by the Victorian Minister for Health. 

On Thursday, 7 October, Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) across Victoria received advice from Professor Euan Wallace AM, Secretary, Department of Health, that PCP functions will be transitioned into Local Public Health Units (LPHUs) consistent with option four of the 2020 KPMG PCP Review.

Professor Wallace advised that the creation of LPHU platforms represents a vital opportunity to achieve improved population health outcomes for local communities across Victoria.  This will be achieved by designing a service planning and delivery environment which will shape system level change, collaborative action, and a renewed focus on prevention.

The state’s 28 PCPs have made valuable contributions to Victorian healthcare since their establishment in 2000, and the transition of their functions to LPHUs will continue the Victorian Government’s strong focus on health promotion and prevention.

The Department will engage VicPCP and PCPs in the codesign process, which will include the development of transition plans that ensure no involuntary job losses (PCP Program funded positions), management of PCP projects and full reinvestment of program funding.

The co-design process will also identify high-value functions to be retained and strengthened, and processes to retain and refresh local partnerships, including alliances with Aboriginal organisations and communities.

VicPCP has been funded by the Department to provide change management and support services to PCPs and their staff.

VicPCP appreciates the ongoing support of all members as we continue to work to achieve certainty with the transition planning process.

It is anticipated that all PCPs will have transitioned to LPHUs by 31 March 2021.

For more information visit the Department of Health’s website

What are Primary Care Partnerships?

The Victorian Primary Care Partnerships are established networks of health, local government and community services that improve the health and wellbeing of all Victorians by working together to find smarter ways to deliver health services and health promoting activities within the community. They are a transformation agent across the Victorian health and community services system, addressing challenges such as disparities and inequalities in health outcomes. PCPs have been and will continue to be an important pillar of the Victorian health system, positioning it for the future and ensuring it is sustainable for the long term.

High Value Partnership Functions of Primary Care Partnerships infographic

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships key messages document.

Return on Investment and Value Add of PCPs infographic

Primary Care Partnerships Future Directions Framework- 2018-20

The Future Directions Framework outlines key priority areas, clearly defines PCP role and function, is underpinned by key principles, our focus is on the Key Pillars in Health 2040 and our outcomes align with the Department of Health and Human Services Outcomes Framework.

The Vic PCPs Future Directions 2018-2020 sets out a high level plan with clear direction for state-wide PCP initiatives over the next 2 years, supporting the platform to collectively respond and align with current and emerging government policy and reforms.

This infographic summarises what we achieved as a partnership in 2019 and 2020:

VicPCP Achievements 2020

VicPCP Achievements 2019

For more information about your local PCP, please visit our Partnerships page and select the PCP in your catchment.

PCP Reporting

Primary Care Partnerships are required to report to the Department of Health on their activities to enable the Department to assess PCP activity against the strategic goal of the PCP program, the strategic plan of each PCP, as well as local and statewide priorities.

To find out more about the focus of reporting on PCP activities/domains, visit the Department’s website on PCP reporting requirements.