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SMPCP FVWG standardised data set 240719-merged-compressed.pdf

2015 – 2022 | Southern Melbourne | South East Metro

A standardised data set and companion tally sheet developed in 2018/2019 to support a consistent approach to data collection amongst SMPCP Family Violence Working Group members when evaluating prevention events/activities.

SMPCP case study FVWG e-module project 2017.pdf

2015 – 2022 | Southern Melbourne | South East Metro

A brief summary of a project to build workforce capacity to implement a whole of organisation approach to the prevention of violence against women. The project featured the development of e-module training module. Includes information on partners involved, method and outcomes.

SMPCP Case Study - 1 Million Stars 2016.pdf

2015 – 2022 | Southern Melbourne | South East Metro

Report on the SMPCP Family Violence Working Group and Bayside City Council (lead agency) contribution to the 'One million stars to end violence' initiative. The initiative was a response to the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in 2012. In excess of 13,000 stars were created before the celebration event on the 2016 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. After a local exhibition, the stars were displayed with others from across the world at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Queensland. The project received a high commendation in the 2017 VicHealth Awards ('Building health through art').

Simplified Chinese A3 SMPCP Elder Abuse poster print.pdf

2015 – 2022 | Southern Melbourne | South East Metro

Chinese language version of A3 Poster designed to be placed behind the door of toilet cubicles in community settings to raise awareness of elder abuse and provide safe access to support information.

ShantiWorks Equal, Safe and Strong Project Final Report 2016.pdf

2015 – 2022 | Southern Melbourne | South East Metro

Report on a pilot respectful relationships program working with three secondary school communities as a prevention of family violence initiative. The project developed a curriculum based on existing primary prevention strategies within schools, was implemented between March and September of 2016 and involved the provision of five training sessions with students, five training sessions with teachers, and two training sessions with parents in total.