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Understanding the Impact of Organisational Health Literacy Initiatives on Clients

2015 – 2022 | HealthWest | West Metro

This research undertaken by Dr Lucio Naccarella on behalf of HealthWest explores the impact of health literacy initiatives on clients in four organisations. The evaluation aims to identify:
• the impacts of organisational health literacy initiatives on clients
• the contextual factors (enablers or barriers) that influenced the impacts of organisational health literacy initiatives on clients
• what is required to sustain the impacts of organisational health literacy initiatives on clients
• the principles that contributed to the impacts of organisational health literacy initiatives on clients
The research demonstrates that change is occurring in organisations and consumers are reaping the benefits of this change.

Health Communication Infographic: Do we have the right infrastructure

2015 – 2022 | HealthWest | West Metro

The establishment of a taskforce or committee is one of the key strategies regions can take to build the right infrastructure to lead our health communication response at a regional level. This infographic provides questions to help understand what an effective health communications taskforce / committee looks like. They are drawn from the evidence in HealthWest’s report, Strengthening our health communication systems.

Strengthening our health communication systems: Pandemic lessons for Melbourne’s west

2015 – 2022 | HealthWest | West Metro

Effective health communication during the pandemic has been particularly challenging for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. In Australia, the communication response has lacked clarity, coherence and coordination. To assist in future planning and recovery efforts in the region, HealthWest Partnership engaged Trezona Consulting Group to undertake a review of available literature to identify the elements of an effective health communication system. This review draws upon literature from COVID-19 and other pandemic or emergency responses. The report provides detailed recommendations for regions, governments and local implementers, including considerations for engagement with culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Make It Easy: A handbook for becoming a health literate organisation

2015 – 2022 | HealthWest | West Metro

This handbook is designed to support organisations to become health literate. The handbook provides:
• a simple definition of what it means to be a health literate organisation,
• an explanation of the five requirements for being a health literate organisation,
• a five-step approach to becoming a health literate organisation, and
• two tools to help you get there.
The development of this guide was based on previous work by Gippsland Primary Care Partnership and updated by HealthWest Partnership and Inner North West PCP after collaboration between professionals and consumers from Melbourne’s west and inner north.

The Gippsland Guide to becoming a Health Literate Organisation

2015 – 2022 | Central West Gippsland | West Metro

The aim of this Guide is to support a consistent approach for health organisations across the Gippsland region in their understanding, awareness and implementation of best practice health literacy. This Guide will provide organisations with a range of information, tools and resources that can be used to become a health literate organisation. The Guide has been designed to allow organisations to undertake manageable quality improvement cycles to work toward becoming a Health Literate Organisation.