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Data WIP presentation 17 April 2018

2015 – 2022 | Wimmera | Grampians

Wellness program in rural and regional Victoria using telehealth’ was supported by the Victorian Government in

ICDM Wimmera pain program outline - Final July 2016

2015 – 2022 | Wimmera | Grampians


IEPCP Join the dots Strengthening connection with community and building networks Feb 2021

2015 – 2022 | Inner East | North East Metro

A recording of an IEPCP forum 2018 in partnership with the EastRregion Community Engagement Interest group, and Swinburne University keynote speaker on developing Community Connectors

IEPCP Social Inclusion workshop recording 2022

2015 – 2022 | Inner East | North East Metro

An IEPCP recording of a workshop 2022 for HP practitioners to support them to understand and embed the IEPCP Social Inclusion Framework (2020)

IEPCP Bounce Forward Urban Resilience in the context of COVID19 and beyond Forum 2019

2015 – 2022 | Inner East | North East Metro

An IEPCP Forum "Bounce Forward" 2020 addressing how to support communites to thrive after a pandemic using an urban resileince framework