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Taking Care of Dying Time - Step 1 - Advance Care Planning (2016) - 4 mins

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

Former CHPCP Chris Thorne (Aboriginal Community Support Worker - Koolin Balit) talks about his recent experience where advance care planning would have been of very real benefit. In this video, Chris encourages everyone – young and old – to talk with their family and write down an advance care plan so people will know their wishes if they become seriously ill or injured and cannot speak for themselves.

What is heat stress?

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

This fact sheet, developed as part of Age Friendly North East Victoria, provides details on Who is at risk; Causes of heat stress and heat-related illness; Symptoms and treatment of heat-related illness; Preventing heat-related illness; Advice for carers, family members and neighbours.

UHPCP Strategic Plan

Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

This report outlines the experience and insights gained through the work undertaken by Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership (UHPCP) staff and member organisations in implementing the Strategic Plan July 2017 to March 2021.The report describes the context in which this work was undertaken along with the processes UHPCP developed and refined through their work to deliver meaningful, quality actions. Six case studies are presented, highlighting the diversity of approaches taken within UHPCP’s scope of practice. The report ends with a discussion of the lessons learnt and insights gained in undertaking the strategic actions in the 2017-2021 plan. Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership would like to acknowledge the key contributors to the work described in this report.

Upper Hume PCP Plan of Action 2021

2015 – 2022 | Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

This document outlines UHPCP key priorities, goals, and performance measures for 2021.

Understanding Your Community – An Age Friendly Checklist

2015 – 2022 | Central Hume | Goulburn Valley

The Age Friendly Rural Victoria Checklist is a tool from the Age-Friendly Northeast Victoria Handbook, a step-by-step guide for communities interested in implementing the World Health Organization Global Network for Age Friendly Cities and Communities (WHO AFCC) approach.