Victorian Primary Care Partnership

PCPs drive quality improvement and best practice across the system by sharing data, undertaking integrated planning, action and evaluation, and workforce and resource development.

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The resources below have been developed by PCPs in the areas of Prevention, Access and Equity, System Integration, Health Literacy and more.


Partnerships in motion

Partnership Capability Framework: Creating Transformational Partnerships to Improve Community Health and Wellbeing

The Partnership Capability Framework has been developed collectively by Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) across Victoria. It reflects the practice, experience, lessons and wisdom of PCP staff and partners designing, implementing and evaluating place-based initiatives across metropolitan and regional Victoria.  The framework should be relevant for any individuals and organisations that are creating or supporting collaborative partnerships to improve community health and wellbeing outcomes.

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships Submission to the Royal Commission into Mental Health – July 2019

Contributing to Better Health and Wellbeing Outcomes for our Communities – examples from around Victoria

Making the Invisible Visible

Seven rural PCPs commissioned an independent review (Making the Invisible Visible) to advocate rural PCP governance groups’ vision of a future partnership model that is supportive of a place-based approach to deliver Victorian health priorities. The original audience of this review was DHHS to ensure the views of partner organisations inform decisions about the future of the PCP platform. Making the Invisible Visible has been adapted for publication and all commentary in relation to commissioning and funding bodies have been removed.



Building Socially Inclusive Rural Communities: A complete resource                       Central Victorian PCP
The Portraits for Respect Central Victorian PCP
Latrobe Food Security Coalition Collective Impact ReportCantral West Gippsland PCP
Baw Baw Security Coalition Collective Impact ReportCentral West Gippsland PCP
Pit Stop Final Evaluation ReportCentral West Gippsland PCP
Upright and Independent in Gippsland – A Guide to Preventing FallsCentral West Gippsland PCP
Latrobe Healthy Lifestyle Programs GuideCentral West Gippsland PCP
Active and Inclusive Communities ToolkitCentral West Gippsland PCP
Social Inclusion Measurement ProjectInner North West PCP
Rural People: Resilient Futures: Building Blocks of rural community resilienceSouthern Grampians Glenelg PCP
Glenelg SAVESSouthern Grampians Glenelg PCP
Campaspe Prevention report based on 2018-19 activities for Prevention of Violence Against Women through Gender Equity and Increasing Healthy Eating and Active LivingCampaspe PCP
Place- based Initiatives in the West-Highlighting promising practiceHealthWest Partnership
Busting the Myths: To Change the StoryOuter East PCP
Chin Youth Soccer: Connecting and ProtectingOuter East PCP

Access & Equity

CEO Vision Project                 Bendigo Loddon PCP 
Loddon Gannawarra Health Needs AnalysisBendigo Loddon PCP
Buloke Loddon Gannawarra (BLG) Health Needs Analysis Implementation PlanBendigo Loddon PCP and Southern Mallee PCP
Standards for Workforce Mutuality HealthWest Partnership
Socially Inclusive Communities ProjectCampaspe PCP
Social Outings GuideCentral West Gippsland PCP
Supporting Aboriginal Workers – From Symbols to Systems FrameworkInner North West PCP
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health ResourcesInner North West PCP
Campaspe Core Competencies – a place-based initiative creating a shared understanding of the drivers of vulnerability Campaspe PCP
Vulnerable families: Healthcare That Counts projectCentral Victorian PCP, Campaspe PCP and Bendigo Loddon PCP

System Integration

Referral Decision Aid: for children with developmental delays                HealthWest Partnership
The Gippsland Care JournalCentral West Gippsland PCP
Gippsland Service Coordination ResourceCentral West Gippsland PCP
Gippsland Collaborativ e Assessment GuideCentral West Gippsland PCP
Identifying and Responding to Family Violence ProjectPCPs in the North West Metropolitan Melbourne
Enhancing Networks for Resilience: Inter-organisational collaboration for disaster resilience: A case study of the Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care PartnershipSouthern Grampians Glenelg PCP
Balmoral Fire Connect. A case study of the social networks and the diffusion of bush fire preparedness information in a rural community.Southern Grampians Glenelg PCP
Improving Dementia Pathways for Aboriginal People – co-design initiative with Njernda Aboriginal Corporation Campaspe PCP
My Aged Care support – Guide to home care services
Dementia Access and SupportsCampaspe PCP
Mental Health Access and Pathways Project: Mapping Client JourneysOuter East PCP
Strengthening the AoD Service System: Improving the client experienceOuter East PCP

Health Literacy

Make it easy: A handbook for becoming a health literate Organisation           HealthWest Partnership
Gippsland Guide to becoming a Health Literate OrganisationCentral West Gippsland PCP
Gippsland Mini-Health Literacy GuideCentral West Gippsland PCP
Org-HLR Self-Assessment Tool Pilot ProjectInner North West PCP

Community Participation

Meaningful Engagement for Social Inclusion: A Practice Guide               HealthWest Partnership
Stories of Participation: Partnering With the Community to Improve Health and WellbeingHealthWest Partnership
How to Start a Community Project in 10 stepsHealthWest Partnership
Community Voices: Qualitative Research Guide for Community Researchers Outer East PCP


Aboriginal Health Partnership Group Case Study                           Campaspe PCP
Healthier Campaspe is a local place based partnership approach to addressing chronic issues of Cancer, Mental Health, Alcohol & Other Drugs, Diabetes and Obesity Campaspe PCP
Campaspe Family Violence Action Group Campaspe PCP


Sustainability Toolkit                 HealthWest Partnership
The Well: Outer East PCP and Inner East PCP