Victorian Primary Care Partnership

As catchment-based voluntary alliances of health and community support service providers, we have worked together for 20 years to maximise health and wellbeing outcomes, promote health equity and avoid unnecessary hospital presentations and admissions.

We understand our communities because we are members of them. That means we can respond directly to their needs.

Despite 20 successful years, the partnerships are under threat. In a changing health landscape, our work is sometimes misunderstood or assumed to be undertaken by other organisations. That’s why we need your support!

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Vic PCP Structure

Vic PCP is voluntary alliance overseen by an Executive Committee which is comprised of representatives from PCPs in each Region. The Executive Committee is formed and operates according to a Terms of Reference below. The work of Vic PCP is supported by a small number of paid, part-time staff including the Director Strategy and Development and Administrative Officer. Position descriptions exist for these roles which outline the way in which they contribute to the purpose of VicPCP.

Vic PCP will determine the best way of connecting with and engaging PCP staff, governance groups and PCP member agencies from around Victoria. This will be reviewed periodically. Currently such liaison occurs by way of three day long forums for Executive Officers, three day long forums for Chairs and Executive Officers and networks and forums organised by sub groups of professionals from different PCP program logic streams.

Vic PCP is funded by contributions from all PCPs according to a percentage of funding formula. (In September 2015, the executive Committee determined that this should be 1.6% of core funding from DHHS to each PCP for future financial years).

Members of the Executive Committee are:

  • Kevin Feeney (VicPCP Chair, Eastern Region)
  • Tracey Chenoweth (VicPCP Deputy Chair, Grampians)
  • Gregg Nicholls (Southern Metro)
  • Margaret McDonald (Loddon Mallee)
  • David Meade (Barwon South Western)
  • Adrian Murphy (North & West Metro)
  • Ward Steet (Gippsland)
  • Tracey Chenoweth (Grampians)
  • Leah Waring (Ovens Murray-Goulburn)
  • Max Lee (Metro EO rep)
  • Emma Fitzsimon (VicPCP Director Strategy and Development)
  • Katherine Gillespie (VicPCP Executive Officer and Regional EO rep)

VicPCP Statement of Purpose and Leadership Executive Terms of Reference

Primary Care Partnership Governance Requirements

PCPs Insurance Program