Victorian Primary Care Partnership

As catchment-based voluntary alliances of health and community support service providers, we have worked together for 20 years to maximise health and wellbeing outcomes, promote health equity and avoid unnecessary hospital presentations and admissions.

We understand our communities because we are members of them. That means we can respond directly to their needs.

Despite 20 successful years, the partnerships are under threat. In a changing health landscape, our work is sometimes misunderstood or assumed to be undertaken by other organisations. That’s why we need your support!

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Access and equity is about everyone in the community having the opportunity to have the right services provided in the right ways and in the right places to support their wellbeing, regardless of social, cultural, economic or demographic factors. This involves identifying barriers that people face when navigating and accessing services, and strengthening organisational knowledge, skills and resources to overcome these barriers and provide appropriate care and supports.

PCPs support partner organisations to provide inclusive and equitable environments for health, ensuring all people of Victoria have the opportunity to access suitable and effective services. Our work recognises the diverse needs of our partners and their communities, and takes the time to understand these needs so that support can be provided in meaningful ways with evidence-based strategies.


CEO Vision Project                 Bendigo Loddon PCP
Loddon Gannawarra Health Needs AnalysisBendigo Loddon PCP
Buloke Loddon Gannawarra (BLG) Health Needs Analysis Implementation PlanBendigo Loddon PCP and Southern Mallee PCP
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Social Outings GuideCentral West Gippsland PCP
Supporting Aboriginal Workers – From Symbols to Systems FrameworkInner North West PCP
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health ResourcesInner North West PCP
Campaspe Core Competencies – a place-based initiative creating a shared understanding of the drivers of vulnerability Campaspe PCP
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