Victorian Primary Care Partnership

VicPCP is a voluntary alliance of the 28 primary care partnerships in Victoria.

PCPs are catchment based collaborations that have chosen to work together to achieve identified core business which is articulated through Strategic plans. PCPs typically have a Governance Group, or similarly named structure, with a nominated PCP Chair. PCPs are supported in their work by a small number of paid staff usually led by an Executive Officer. All members of the PCP contribute to, and are responsible for, the work of their local PCP which is aligned with the Program Logic provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.

VicPCP was created, and is supported, by the 28 PCPs.

VicPCP Purpose

VicPCP exists to support and promote the primary care partnership platform and the broader use of partnerships to achieve improvements in population health and well being.

In order to achieve this VicPCP will:

  • Advocate for future investment in primary care partnerships
  • Identify and capitalise on new opportunities for growth in the primary care partnership platform
  • Support primary care partnerships to deliver excellent outcomes that will improve the health status of all Victorians.

All PCPs are able to participate in strategic planning processes for VicPCP which will be directed by the Executive Committee, which is a key component of the VicPCP structure as outlined below.

VicPCP Structure

VicPCP is a  voluntary alliance overseen by an Executive Committee which is comprised of representatives from PCPs in each Region. The Executive Committee is formed and operates according to a Terms of Reference below. The work of VicPCP is supported by a small number of staff including the Director Strategy and Development and Administrative Officer.  VicPCP relies solely on funding contributions from the 28 PCPs across Victoria.

VicPCP will determine the best way of connecting with and engaging PCP staff, governance groups and PCP member agencies from around Victoria. This will be reviewed periodically. Currently such liaison occurs by way of bi-monthly forums for Executive Officers, day long forums for Chairs and Executive Officers as required and Communities of Practice organised by sub groups of professionals from different PCP priority areas.

Source:  Vic PCP Statement of Purpose and Leadership Executive Terms of Reference, April 2020

View a list of the 28 PCPs by the DHHS divisional areas here.

Our Vision

A strong and integrated partnership platform, guiding high-level strategy and delivering optimal health, wellbeing and equity outcomes for communities across Victoria.

Our Mission

To use our collective skills, capabilities and expertise to inform and influence the development of efficient, effective place-based partnership platforms.

Our Principles

Shared vision and missionWe proactively engage with reform processes and through an objective assessment of our collective strengths. We will pursue evidence-based approaches that improve equity, health and wellbeing for Victorian communities.
Trust and respect We foster cohesion and commitment to each other and future directions, through inclusive co-design that is reflective of our diversity and flexible in its approach.
Collaboration and transparency We navigate change through broad stakeholder engagement and inter-sectoral partnership, underpinned by open and clear communication, shared messaging and collective representation.
Flexibility and effectiveness We foster innovation and momentum through an openness to discovery and new approaches, underpinned by robust governance, delegation and decision making processes.

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships Future Directions 2018-2020