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What are Primary Care Partnerships?

The Victorian Primary Care Partnerships are established networks of health, local government and community services that improve the health and wellbeing of all Victorians by working together to find smarter ways to deliver health services and health promoting activities within the community. They are a transformation agent across the Victorian health and community services system, addressing challenges such as disparities and inequalities in health outcomes. PCPs have been and will continue to be an important pillar of the Victorian health system, positioning it for the future and ensuring it is sustainable for the long term.

Victorian Primary Care Partnerships key messages document.

For more information about your local PCP, please visit our Partnerships page and select the PCP in your catchment.

PCP Reporting

Primary Care Partnerships are required to report to the Department of Health & Human Services on their activities to enable the Department to assess PCP activity against the strategic goal of the PCP program, the strategic plan of each PCP, as well as local and statewide priorities.

To find out more about the focus of reporting on PCP activities/domains, visit the DHHS website on PCP reporting requirements.